About E Cigarettes

An e-cigarette also referred to as a vape kit or E-cig Starter Kit, comes in all different shapes and sizes. Depending on what it is used for, whether this be MTL (mouth to lung) so you still endure the same hit as if you were having a cigarette or whether you use it for SUB Ohm (direct to lung) for the flavor and cloud chasing there are a few noticeable differences. E-cigarette starter kit are battery-operated devices, which are filled with e-cig liquid or E-Cig Juice for the flavor. The use of an e-cigarette is called 'vaping'. A lot of e-cig work in the same way. There is a battery, which functions as a heating element, and a cartridge that is filled with liquid nicotine and another flavoring. Some are disposable and others are refillable/reusable and have a rechargeable battery.

Use of e-cigarette has some variations which depend on personal preference:

Pen-style Starter kit (MTL) - A “Pen Style” starter kit or E-Cigarette starter kit is normally all quite similar in appearance, however, they may have a few differences in battery life, filling, and changing the coil. If you have recently switched from smoking to vaping, then this normally where you would start your vaping journey. With a convenient, small, and sleek device you can't really go wrong. It gives the same throat hit and you inhale through your mouth like a cigarette.

Pod System (MTL or Sub Ohm depending on coil preference) or Vape Pod Kit - A pod system works in the same way as a starter kit as it is small in appearance, however, it has two different types, which is the closed pod system and open pod system. The closed pod system means that it comes with liquid already filled and built-in coils, so you wouldn’t be able to change it, once the liquid is finished you would dispose of the cartridge. An open pod system is the opposite of this so you can change the replacement coil and vape juice at your leisure which is normally the most popular option. Some pod systems don't have a fire button so you would just inhale, others come with a power button.

Vape MOD starter kit (built-in battery and replaceable battery) - The mod starter kits are normally used for vapors that are cloud chasing and using for Sub Ohm use, which is inhaled directly through to lung. As they are bigger in size and have an LED screen with some options like to increase or reduce power, which can be adjusted to your preference. The difference with built-in battery and replaceable is the capacity of battery life you prefer, if you use your e-cigarette starter kit regularly and are out and about all day then replaceable battery is probably your best option as it lasts longer and you have an option to carry spare e-cig batteries.

Are they really safe?

Vapegen is proud to be a part of the e-cigarette industry, bringing you the latest technology and products with all the necessary certification. Electronic cigarettes are by far healthy than conventional cigarettes and nothing really compares with it. With ongoing research, it is scientifically proven with statistics that vaping is the healthier option as it doesn’t have any bad chemicals.

The composition of E-liquid mainly contains Polypropylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine (in liquid form), and natural flavoring. The nicotine used is considered as an addictive substance and other ingredients are widely used as food additives. It doesn’t contain ‘Tar’ which is a harmful chemical, responsible for all sorts of health illnesses including Cancer. Hence which is why vaping and the use of e-cigarettes is considered as a healthier alternative.

What different nicotine strengths are available?

Vapegen stocks and sells all of the major brands from the UK and all across the world, depending on your smoking habits and your personal preferences you can choose different nicotine strengths. We at Vapegen always come across start-up customers who don’t normally know what nicotine strength to use so we instruct them by asking how many conventional cigarettes you smoke a day, and then you can select the nicotine strength which is dependent on that. The less you smoke a day the less nicotine you would be likely to need and the more you smoke a day the more nicotine you would be likely to need. Below is our recommended guide for low VG e-liquid, generally for pen-type basic kits:

High – 2.0% (20mg) Person smoking Average 15-20+ cigarettes a day normally only found in salt nic

Medium/High – 1.8% (18mg) Person smoking Average 10-15 cigarettes a day

Medium/Low – 0.6% (6mg) Person smoking Average 5-10 cigarettes a day

Low- 0.3 % (3mg) Person smoking average less than 5 cigarettes a day

None – 0.0% (0mg) Person smoking socially or occasionally

How to organize your electronic cigarette

If you have been vapor for a long period of time you probably have your own collection of e-cigarettes, parts, and accessories alongside batteries and e-juice. If you were to gather all of your bits and put them on the table you would notice that you definitely have a lot more than you expected. Also, it is important to store all of your nicotine based substances as far away from children and pets as possible, so if you organize them in a fashionable manner you will always know that they are hidden in a safe place.  If you don't organize them in a way that is accessible for yourself then you will have to look hard to find the accessories that you need when you need them. So the question is what is the best way to organize your electronic cigarette supplies?

Short term storage...

When referring to short-term storage, you can purchase a carrying case for the protection of your e-cigarette, whether it may be your old broken e-cigarette or your accessories for your newer ones. Also, for e-cig supplies, we recommend you to keep one extra battery, cartomizer or clearomizer at least. Make sure that your vaping process will not be stopped by a dead battery or empty cartomizer or clearomizer.  Additionally, there is nothing worse than going out and realizing you have no e-liquid left, we always encourage you to store a small bottle with you or somewhere safe.

Long term storage

Long term storage for your vape supplies is very important to vapers who already have their own little collection. The most important thing is to identify how much space you should ideally need and then hunt down what storage options best suit you. If you have boxes of e-liquid, batteries, or more you need to take into consideration that all e-cig supplies should not be exposed to light, moisture, heat, and extremely cold temperature. The best safe way to store all of your vape belongings is to use a container or box and keep it in a cool, dark, and dry area.

Here are some popular storage tools:

  • Fishermen’s tackle box
  • Toolbox
  • Tupperware box
  • Art supply box
  • Plano storage box
  • Plastic container
  • Cosmetic organizer

Once you find a suitable container to store your e-cigarette supplies, how should i organize it?

  • Charged batteries
  • Wall  and USB chargers
  • Charger case
  • E-liquids
  • Clean and Used cartomizers
  • E-cigarettes
  • Spare battery packs
  • Cleaning tools

Traveling with your electronic e-cigarette

It’s easy to pack e-cig products because most of them are small and light. All the things you need to do are choosing a storage case and pack them safely with everything you need. If you are traveling abroad you need to make sure to check the countries guidelines about e-cigarettes and vape liquid to ensure that it is in fact legal or acceptable to bring these appliances there. In the UK you are able to use your e-cigarette at your leisure with of course the standard rules and proceedings to be respectful in public spaces like shopping centers, restaurants, and offices.

Tips for safe use of huge vapor clouds

Some vapers have the notion that the bigger vapor clouds they produce the better; however, to none experienced vapers this cloud chasing may not be as appreciated.

You need to be extremely careful when using any electrical device however if you mix the pressure on the batteries by pushing their limits and causing the power to exceed its standard capacity you can actually cause the device to overheat and in some extreme cases can actually explode. If you are not an experienced vapor then tampering or exceeding limitations from the vape can have some serious effects. Especially if the only reason you'd be toying with it is just to mass produce huge clouds then this can later cause damage to the movement and growth within the vaping industry.

We can't express strongly that the above applies to experienced vapers also. Everyone should understand the importance of using an e-cigarette in an appropriate manner. You should always be cautious about the Sub Ohm vaping process, it's not worth taking the risks. I can imagine you're wondering how you can achieve great cloud chasing in a sensible way? Below are some great tips to enjoy increased vapor production sensibly.

High VG

Experienced E-cig users can actually DIY their own vape juice by adding more VG so that the percentage of VG to PG is higher. Vegetable glycerin (VG) is what is in E-liquid that makes vapor production. PG is what is in a vape juice that gives a better throat hit which is what more mouth to lung users prefer the percentage to be more filled with. The only thing you need to take into consideration is that VG isn't filled with strong enough for the flavor perspective, so you would need to decide between more flavor or more vapor production.

Direct to Lung

Direct to lung also known as Sub Ohm, is the term used when using an e-cigarette by inhaling the vape directly from the mouthpiece down to your lungs so it got a smoother effect. Sub Ohm ensures that huge vapor that you inhale you also exhale. If you use a strong level of nicotine when trying to get the effects from direct to lung, it may be quite harsh as high levels of nicotine aren’t used in this manner.

Low Ohm coils

Low Ohm Coils have less of a heat resistance meaning that they can warm up a lot quicker than higher Ohm coils. The low Ohm coils heat the e-liquid quicker which means you can enjoy bigger vapor production a lot quicker.

You can have the perfect vaping experience by gaining enough information from the staff in our stores or by emailing info@vapegen.co.uk to ensure that you have the perfect vaping experience. Additionally, everything you need is in-store and online so you will never fall short.

Cloud chasing tips

  • Battery Capacity - Learn and understand the capability of your battery and how they perform with Sub Ohm coils to ensure good flavor and vapor production.
  • Airflow - In order to exhale huge vapor out you need to make sure that your airflow is open to allow more air in to perform Sub Ohm vaping successfully.
  • Eliquid - VG is the best option in order to produce huge vapor. VG also is produced to ensure that the liquid is thicker and has a sweeter taste.
  • RDA - Rebuildable drippers have a better flavor and vapor production as they are open coils, you are putting the flavor directly on to the cotton and they have been designed to ensure great flavor and vapor.