Juul Pods 18mg

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Juul Pods 18mg

Improved performance

4 Pack JUUL-Pod

Nick Salt Pod

Compatible with JUUL Starter Kit & JUULC1

18 mg nicotine intensity 

About JUUL pods, it comes in distinct tobacco, fruit and menthol flavours. JUUL pods are made with nicotine salt e-liquid for a satisfying experience. JUUL eliquid contains a unique combination of glycerin, propylene glycol, natural extracts and flavors and salt nicotine. Together with temperature-controlled vape technology, this chemistry allows JUUL to experience an unparalleled vaping experience. Available in 18mg/ml and 9mg/ml Nicotine intensity. JUUL products can only be purchased and shipped within the UK

Juul Mango Pod

Juul Alpine Berry Pod

Juul Menthol Mist Pod

Juul Glacier Mint Pod

Juul Rich Tobacco Pod

Juul Golden Tobacco Pod 

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